Tuesday, January 11, 2005

How would you clip the Hope Diamond to your belt?

I went to a camera store to find a pouch I could attach to my belt, to hold my MP3 player. The clerk suggested a number of pouches that I rejected for the same reason. They all casually hooked on a belt, and could easily come loose. Velcro closures weaken. A simple clip can be dislodged. A plastic connector will split over time. After awhile the clerk got the idea: “Yeah, that’s how I lost my last digital camera!”
I found what I was looking for: a solid strap to push my belt through, such that the pouch simply cannot separate from my belt. I’m happy now, but what about the rest of you?? Why are you all buying these casual attachments that can easily lose your stuff? (If you weren’t buying them, the manufacturers might stop making them…)

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