Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Rube Goldberg Almost Strikes Again:

I received a wonderful gift, a battery-operated machine that cleans my glasses MUCH better than I can clean them by hand. I have a rueful/kindly relationship with this machine, because, while working well, it comes near to being a mickeymouse thing. How can that be? Let me lovingly count the ways…

Even with pictures, the instructions could not explain how to fit the glasses into the machine; you just had to figure it out.

The cleaning liquid can spill onto the motor and make the machine misfunction. This has not happened to me, but the instructions explain what to do when it happens, and take the matter very seriously.

When the glasses are all clean and dry, you lift them out of the machine. There are three ways to do this:
· Easiest: grab (and smudge) a lens.
· Easy: Unclip the glasses and they fall back into the cleaning liquid.
· Better: Carefully grip the frame only, then unclip them and slowly draw them out.
I like it, I like it.

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