Monday, July 11, 2005

Filling the Wrist Slot:

David Pogue has blogged about the possible death of the wristwatch. While the number of people who enjoy sporting a classy time-piece on the wrist may be dwindling, we geeks know that each wrist is a useful technology slot. Since your mobile phone keeps more accurate time than a watch, what wrist technology would serve you best? Inventors and Manufacturers are trying to find killer wrist appliances; we can bide our time, look around, and enjoy.
Not too many people go for a wrist calculator, but a device that changes TV channels on any nearby set could be handy. And what about the Wrist Mobile Video Phone? We’ll have good ones pretty soon, Dick Tracy compatible.
The gadget that turns off TVs in public places goes on a keychain, but you might eventually get one in watch-form. (I wear an inexpensive watch that I use mostly for its five alarms, countdown and countup timers.)

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