Sunday, July 10, 2005

More Legacy Stuff:

The first small company I worked at moved to new quarters. We were packing up EVERYTHING except what was obviously garbage. I opened one closet I'd never noticed before. On the floor was a large cardboard box containing: a computer project! There were decks of punched cards (this was a long time ago), listings, a notebook full of unreadble notes and some vendor docs. I couldn't even figure out what the name of the project was. I asked around; nobody knew what it was.
So I asked my boss, could we chuck it? Well that mde him nervous. Who knows, suppose it turned out to be important? He told me to pack it up tight in its box.

I did that, but I wrote in big letters on the box: Discard this box in (and I named a year seven years in the future). I KNEW nobody would be working with punch cards by then (boy was I wrong) and surely the project would be obsolete.

Seven years later I was no longer working at that company when they moved again. A friend called and told me he had discovered the sealed box, untouched in all these years, and - as per my -instructions - junked it.

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