Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Could B Necszry:

Movie and TV actors mumble a lot, so I really appreciate the closed caption texts you find in most movies and programs. (I do wish that in comedy programs, the punch lines would appear onscreen AFTER they're spoken, not before.) But Live TV poses a serious problem to me, and even more so to people who cannot hear. The texts tend to run WAY behind the spoken words, five, ten seconds. And then to "catch up", whole sentences are skipped and the typist starts falling behind again.

When I saw the closed caption phrase "may not be necszry" during a football game, I realized there's a better way. Realtime typists shld b using SMS abbrevs 2 catch up. In fact maybe the networks should hire young SMS virtuousi to do all the realtime closed captions. With their technique & abbreviations, they can type faster and more succinctly.

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