Sunday, November 27, 2005

Stealthy Blog Comments:

I just discovered that my other blog, RealIDSucks, has been polluted with computer comments. The comments are designed to pump my ego, but I'm going to delete them anyway. I can resist “Great blog! You've got a real knack for writing the Precision Blogger, keep on rockin! I will definitely be checking in here again soon.” AND, I can resist the link to another web site that follows that comment. I can also resist such blandishments as “Now you've got me thinking the Precision Blogger. I really enjoyed your post about 'this post' ...”

I've complained to blogspot that I deserve a better tool to remove these comments. (A computer can add them pretty fast, but I get to delete them carefully, one at a time.) And I did - with apologies to humans - add 'word recognition', to make it harder for a computer to add comments.

But what really gets me is that I did not know these comments were happening. All blog comments are supposed to be forwarded to my gmail email account. If you have a gmail account, you know that Google does a pretty good job of deleting SPAM so that you never see it. Including, apparently, those computer comments.

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