Saturday, May 10, 2008

Honk Honk! (Oops)

I often drive through a dangerous intersection. There's a delayed green light, and while cars are allowed to drive toward me, pedestrians step off the curb and cross in front of my car. They look up and see I have a red light, so they assume they must have the green, and they are oblivious of the cars coming straight toward me, and them. These careless, unobservant people annoy me, even when they are not talking to their cellphones.

Recently I honked at a woman crossing in front of my car. As she turned to stare at me, I realized that I really had the red light; she was entitled to cross. How to diffuse an embarrassing situation?

I did what I imagine any of you would do: I waved to her. She gave me a puzzled glance, waved back, and completed her crossing.

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