Thursday, October 07, 2010

Anonymous Apparel:

When I buy something and bring it home, I have a dreadful habit of ripping it out of its packaging and throwing the packaging away as fast as I can. The result of this habit is that if I like the thing and want to buy it again, I have made it as difficult as possible to know what to buy.

I went through this with the wrist brace I bought for my carpal tunnel problem. I liked the brace, which I purchased at a local pharmacy. When my neurologist told me to buy a second brace for the other wrist, I went online and perused pictures of wrist braces until I lucked out, and the name for my brace popped up on-screen. The name was so memorable that I could not mistake it; I am now wearing two Cock Up Wrist Braces at night.

The soft, thick, heavy oversocks I wear in the mornings (over my regular socks) did not have a memorable name. I remembered the brand, but the manufacturer makes hundreds of different kinds of socks, so I have not found these particular ones on the Internet. I bought these thick socks because I don’t really like to wear shoes. In the morning, while I’m making breakfast and doddering around the ground floor, my feet need some cushioning and protection from the cold. The last time I bought shoes, I asked the salesman about heavy socks and he steered me to the ideal pair, socks that feel even more thick and cushiony than they look.

I don’t even remember where I bought the shoes that came with these socks, although I suppose I could figure that out by reviewing my credit card transactions. But the point is, I wanted to buy more of these socks, and I do not know how to find them, both on- and off-line.

Let me tell you a little more about these socks. The third day I wore them, one sock caught on a rough spot on the wood floor, and the sock tore a hole about two inches wide. After that, I was more careful with them, but my efforts were futile. Eight months after I bought them, they are riddled with holes such that they barely stay on my feet. They look so hideous that I’m embarrassed to wear them even when I’m alone. And yet they still feel cushiony and soft. Where can I buy another pair of these socks?

Did I mention that they are relatively expensive for socks? I came to my senses this week: I do not want to buy another pair of socks that will rip and tear right after I buy them. Winter approaches, and the stores will be full of socks. I’ll try something else.

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