Thursday, March 31, 2011

It’s Human Nature? (I hope):

Our newest car has a key with buttons to lock and unlock it from a short distance. The key also has a button that unlocks the trunk, and a similar emergency button to make the car honk loud. These two buttons do nothing unless I press them for several seconds. In the dark it’s hard for me to remember which is which. (I wish the buttons had Braille markings.) Occasionally, I’ve had the traumatic experience of pressing the HONK button by mistake. I’ve developed a “protective” behavior because of that trauma: when I think I’m pressing the trunk-unlock button, to protect myself from an unexpected HONK, I hold the key as far from my body as I can.

There I am, right next to the car, holding the key away from me. I know that will have no effect on how loud the HONK is. But still ....

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