Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A Good-Deed Reward:

This morning I weighed 216.6 pounds.

I wonder if you’ve ever had this experience, most likely when you are far from home: you are paying for your purchases at an unfamiliar supermarket. The cashier asks if you have the card for that particular supermarket chain, and you don’t. When the cashier learns that you do not have a card, he or she turns to someone nearby, perhaps a regular customer, and asks to borrow their card so that you get the lower price bargains. I’m not sure this is what the supermarket owners have in mind, but it gives the visiting shopper a very pleasant feeling.

And that’s nothing. I can take this anecdote to the next level.

In my case, I was at a Fry’s in Tucson. When the cashier learned that I did not have the card, she called to the shopper who had just paid, ahead of me, “Rodney, can I use your Fry’s card for this guy?”

Rodney frantically searched his pockets. “Did you give my card back to me?”

They found the card misplaced near the register. She used it for my purchases, and returned it to a very happy Rodney.

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