Monday, March 04, 2013

The User/Car Interface: Rear View Camera.

This morning, I weighed 216.4 pounds again.

The Ford Taurus I rented on vacation had a rearview camera for backing up. (The car also produced all sorts of beeps to warn me of any motion that might suggest something was approaching the rear of my car. Once, it beeped to warn me of cars driving on a highway behind me, although there was a low wall between me and the 100-foot removed highway. These beeps are a charming work in progress, I think.)

I absolutely loved the rearview camera, even though it was one more thing to look at as I backed up. I still looked at the side mirror, the overhead mirror, the side windows and the inadequate rear window, but I remembered to view the camera screen, and it helped. I decided that when I got home, I must add a rearview camera to our 2009 Corolla sedan.

When we got home, I drove an old Toyota Corolla wagon that has real, true, rear vision. No need for a camera at all. Let me tell you: being able to see, actually see, what is behind you, is far better than a rearview camera. What a difference!

Sadly, the rear view behind my 2009 Corolla is not that good. I still think this sedan needs a rearview camera.

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