Friday, January 28, 2005

I’m Antisocial about Plane travel:

When I fly, I pack the things I absolutely do not want to be without in a soft carry-bag. You know, vitamins, razor, cell-phone recharger, books to read, food for the flight. For this last vacation, my soft bag weighed almost 14 pounds! I don’t want to lug that around the airport, but not to worry. I usually put my soft bag into a rolling case that is the maximum carry-on size. Then it’s easy to deal with the heavy bag. When I get on the plane, I take the soft bag out of the rolling case. I keep the soft bag at my seat and put the (now empty) rolling bag in a compartment above. I know I’m cheating someone else who may really need that compartment space, but I love my own solution too much to be considerate.

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