Sunday, January 30, 2005

THE Plantain Recipe:

Buy a yellow plantain, preferably somewhat dark. Set it in a window sill until it turns black. (It will be a leathery black, not ooky black like a banana.) With a sharp knife, slit just through the outside covering from end to end on opposite sides. Gently slip the plantain out of its cover. Slice it thin. (I slice it longways in order to have relatively few pieces to deal with.) Heat a little oil, margarine or butter on a pan. Cook it very gently for about five minutes, then flip the pieces and do the other side for five minutes. Keep an eye on the food – you do not want the undersides to turn black from the heat. Remove to a dish. Squeeze a little lime juice or lemon juice on it, pour on some maple syrup, and enjoy. Delicious!

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