Friday, February 23, 2007

How to Tie a Knot with Music Player and a Seatbelt:

Perhaps you feel knot-challenged, knowing nothing more than how to tie a shoelace or a tie. Or perhaps you belong to the half of humanity that never wears ties or shoelaces, and feel REALLY knot-challenged. Well here’s an easy knot you can learn to tie.

Take your little music-player into the car with you. Sit down, fasten the seatbelt. (You need a three-point seatbelt for this knot, otherwise it may not work.) Relax. Attach the headphones and start listening to music, or to your favorite podcast. Drive somewhere. Whatever you’re listening to is really engrossing, isn’t it? Detach the seatbelt and get out of the car.

OOPS! You’ve tied a knot. Your headphone cord is wrapped around the seatbelt and you can’t leave.

I apologize if you're frustrated by the lack of detail in my instructions. I’m not quite sure how it works myself, but it definitely works more often than you’d like.

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