Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Misspelled NName:

Do you have a name that's easily misspelled? I do, and some companies insist that my business email address must include my (hard to spell) last name. I know that people will spell it wrong, and then I'll be asked why I didn't respond to questions, missed a meeting, or failed to write some document. But for many years I've solved this problem, for the most common wrong spelling at least.

Most email systems support “aliases,” extra names that should be directed to the same email account. So if your email administrator takes pity on you, and your name is Suzi, and your last name is Q, you should be able to get email addressed to Suziq, Suzieq, Suzyq, Soosieq and so on. Don't forget this little trick! Assuming you WANT to get your mail that is, thousands don't, anymore.

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