Sunday, July 15, 2007

Locker Room Men:

I recently joined a health club with a lap pool and lots of wonderful exercise machines. The men's locker room has nine shower stalls. One of these has an adjustable hand-held shower -- far and away my favorite -- and the other eight only have fixed, overhead showers. You might think that I would rarely get my favorite stall, but usually it is empty, even though three or four of the other showers are usually in use. Some of the men here may never have experienced the pleasaure of a hand-held, but most of them, I think, prefer the privacy of the other shower stalls.

The hand-held stall has a thin cloth shower curtain that does not quite cover the opening, and if you try, you can see through it. All the other stalls have frosted glass doors. So apparently most men at this club want their privacy while showering.

But that does't mean they are shy about their nakedness. About half of the men drape themselves carefully at all times, but the other half wander about the locker room naked. Some of them finish their showers and come out of their shower stalls naked. I've concluded that most men do not want anyone to see them naked, precisely when they are showering; but I can't imagine why.
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