Thursday, May 01, 2008

Nokia n800: Recharge time:

This blog item is a public service. I'm replacing my P-a-l-m P-D-A with a Nokia n800. The first thing you have to do with an n800 is to recharge the battery. The documentation warns you NOT to overcharge, but it does not tell you how long it takes to charge up. (Worse, the n800 doesn't seem to tell you when it's fully charged, if you charge the battery it while the unit is turned off.)

I did the obvious thing: I went on the web and searched for advice on Recharging my n800, n800 recharge time, time to recharge a Nokia n800, n800 battery recharge time, recharging n800 ... you get the idea. All I got were lots of comments about how long the unit operates BETWEEN recharges, and also one article – repeated a hundred times at least – about when you do not need to recharge your unit. (I'm misquoting this last quote on purpose, to make it easier for people who search for battery recharge info to find MY entry!)

My initial, approximately full recharge of the Nokia n800 battery took less than 90 minutes. There! This info has now been placed on the web as a public service.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I was searching for the time to initially charge my N800, and yours was the helpful post. :) Thanks muchly!

Anonymous said...

I am needing help learning how to use my nokia n800. I need to know how to make video calls on google talk. Can you please email me at
Thanks for the charge time it was helpful!

Anonymous said...
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