Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Wedding? Or a spelling correction?

I apologize in advance. This is going to be complicated, especially since I've changed the name AND the nationality.

Our Wellness club has a bunch of trainers that we can work with when we choose. There's a wall dedicated to them, with pictures and brief CVs. Recently the wall was revised. The staff has changed, and everyone has a new photo. And I noticed that the spelling of one trainer's name has changed.

Now suppose it had changed from Cary Ravnaralescu to Cary Smith. I would assume that she's gotten married (or divorced.) Or suppose her name changed from Cary Ravnaralescu to Cary Ravnoralescu. I'd assume that at last an annoying spelling error has been corrected.

But in fact, the new spelling changes a fistful of letters in the middle of her name: from Cary Ravnaralescu to Cary Ravloborsescu. So it looks like a spectacular spelling mistake has been corrected at last; or else she has married (or divorced) someone from the Old Country. I wonder which it is, but I'm not going to ask. I'd rather savor the question than know.

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