Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Before we add technology to Futball:

I am one with the hundreds of millions who believe that the World Cup Soccer tournament should have had the necessary technology to allow that obvious British goal against Germany, the one the referees amazingly missed. But before we get to the technology angle, let’s pay attention to the greater problem: there were not enough officials on the field.

The Refs (or whatever they call them in Soccer) were too far from the goal to get a good look. There are only a few officials in a soccer game, and the ball can move fast, so there’s always a risk that the action will move to a goal faster than the officials can get there. In general, the sport can’t afford to have five refs for every game, with two of them perpetually hovering at the goals. But this was a World Cup game!

In baseball, there’s always an ump to handle a close call at home, because an umpire stays there almost all the time. In American football, extra referees are added for the playoffs, to make the officiating more accurate. What is this FIFA thinking? They make a ton of money out of this cup. They could spend a little of it on two extra refs per game.

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