Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Sansa Clip, and Buydig.com:

Two weeks ago, I blogged about buying a Sansa Clip, mentioning that it works well with Podcasts. Now, I would like to say a few nice things about the company I bought it from, BuyDig.com. Buying the item I wanted was tricky, because it is old news, out of manufacture and hard to find. BuyDig listed the black Sansa Clip plus, so I ordered it.

I got a call from a support person there, telling me that it was no longer in stock. He said they had one left that was pink, would I want it? I decided that I did. I’m a guy, but this device is so small, who will notice the pink? I won’t care if they do. And in fact, the bright color makes it easier to find the little fella when I mislay it at home.

I downloaded the manual for the Sansa Clip Plus, and quickly noticed that what I had bought was a different product. In fact, it was the Sansa Clip, not the “Plus”. (After talking to support people at BuyDig, I’m convinced this was an honest mistake, the result of their desire to help me and fill my order.) If you read reviews and comparisons of these products, you’ll see why I ordered the Plus, and why the Plus sells for more money. But I had already started to use my new Clip, and I realized that the Clip was going to be just fine for my needs; I was not interested in beginning yet another hunt for some company that had the Plus in stock.

I called BuyDig and talked to a manager there. I pointed out that I had paid for a Clip Plus and received a Clip. This manager wanted me to be a happy customer, and we worked something out. I will be happy to do business with them again.
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