Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do it yourself?

We have a very nice lamp that illuminates a 50/100/150 Watt bulb. (We use the eco-friendly equivalent.) Recently the bulb blew, so I put another bulb in, and it immediately blew out, with a buzzing sound. “That’s funny,” I said, and I put another bulb in. It blew the same way.
“The wiring must be messed up,” I thought. Before taking the lamp to a professional for rewiring, I thought I would take a look myself. I’ve rewired lamps before. But I was unable to unscrew the bolt at the lamp’s bottom, that holds the innards together. I figured that rather than use a lot of force and maybe break the lamp, I would let my professional take care of it.

When I handed the lamp over, I explained how the bulbs had blown.

The guy nodded sagely. “It’s usually the lamp socket,” he said.

Gee. I wouldn’t have thought of looking to see if the socket was okay. Better leave it to the pro.

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