Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sinus Infection, and Relief!

I am recovering from an awful sinus infection. Also, I am one of the unlucky people who have narrow nasal passages. My infected sinuses press against my brain, and somehow, any task I wish to do becomes much more difficult. It’s a lot like trying to perform physical tasks while carrying an extra eighty pound weight.

My nostrils clog up, of course, and on the worst night, I lay in bed unable to sleep, listening to myself trying to breathe. In desperation I thought of a remedy: BreathRight (see the picture). Years ago I used these strips regularly. They paste onto your nose, and built-in plastic springs lift part of your nose, wonderfully improving your ability to breathe. I was pretty sure they were in a travel-bag in the attic, but my sinus-laden brain was not up to finding them. I remembered a nearby drawer that might just have a few. I dragged my sick body out of bed, took a look, and yes, there they were. What a difference the BreathRight made. Blessed relief.

I definitely recommend them.

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