Thursday, December 16, 2010

Re: The ‘Funnel’ that comes with the Aeropress Coffeemaker

I intend to give my own (highly positive) review of the Aeropress Coffeemaker, but today I wish to talk about the ‘funnel’ that comes with it. Before buying the Aeropress, I studied the Web to learn all about it, and I noticed that hardly anyone seemed to know what the funnel is for.

I’m going to tell you.

It’s noteworthy that the instructions that come with the Aeropress do not mention the funnel. The instructions, and the accompanying pictures, tell you to place the Aeropress over a sturdy mug. (You will press down pretty hard on that mug when you brew the coffee.)

When I explain what the funnel is for, do not try to use it! (The comedian, Rita Rudner, has it exactly right when she says: Men will cook, if there’s danger involved.)

Well, there IS danger involved, so please regard my insight as an entirely theoretical matter.

The funnel is exactly the right size to fit into an Espresso cup. If you want to make a single shot of Espresso with your Aeropress, use a li’l cup instead of a mug. Place the funnel in the cup, and place the Aeropress on top of the funnel. It all fits perfectly for this purpose. Then, be very, very, very careful when you press down on your assembly of non-interlocking parts to brew the coffee.

I calculate that – using the funnel – your chance of spilling hot water all over yourself increases by at least 100%. That’s why the Aeropress instructions do not mention the funnel. We’re on our own, and that’s the way I like it.

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