Sunday, March 10, 2013

A hint about trash cans:

Sometimes, before you begin a task, it's a good idea to move the trashcan to you, instead of going to the trashcan. That's my tip for today. I came up with this idea after:

(1) Trimming flowers at my dining room table, to make a flower arrangement. I had to keep carrying discards to the trashcan, but only because I failed to put the can next to me before I started.

(2) Cleaning junk out of my car and carrying each handful to the outdoor trashcan, which I could have moved next to the car.

This morning I weighed 217.4 pounds. My weight has stayed almost the same for about a week. This is not bad news. It suggests that I have retained some of the weightless that occurred when I was sick. I am now, I hope, ready to lose more weight. I have lost almost eight pounds since December, and I am almost ready to relate the anecdote I could not tell you, when I weighed 225 pounds.
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