Wednesday, March 13, 2013

An IOS App that got better when I was on vacation:

If you follow reviews of iPhone and iPad and iPod apps (I'm sure the same is true of Android), you will sometimes find a review mentioning that the app it's discussing is FREE TODAY. But the review was written months (or days) ago; you're too late.

Wouldn't you like to think about "purchasing" any app on the day that it's free? How do you find these bargains? I use an IOS app called AppsGoneFree, courtesy of the App Chronicles website.

Each day I wait eagerly for the app to update with a new list of five to eight new "free today" apps. AppsGoneFree has a short description of each one, making it easy for me to zero in on the apps I might really want. Checking them out is fun.

AppsGoneFree usually updates between 11 a.m. and noon. (I live in New Jersey). But when we were on vacation in Tucson, Arizona, AppsGoneFree was even better; it usually brought me the good news as early as eight or nine! I suspect the human beings behind this app live in California.

This morning I weighed 216.2 pounds.
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