Friday, March 08, 2013

A Seville Orange Drink:

This morning I weighed 217.6 pounds.

I was lucky to find just a few Seville Oranges at my local supermarket. I've never made any kind of jam. After tasting the orange (very bitter), I tried the following excellent drink:

Juice one Seville Orange (about two ounces of liquid). Pour into a glass and add about six ounces of Sprite Zero. Delicious!

I used to love Coca Cola with half a lemon. The "old" coke (with sugar, not corn syrup), was resilient about mating with fruit flavors. Modern soda drinks that have been carefully compounded to taste "just so" tend to lose flavor when you add your own fresh flavorings to them. I do not, for example, enjoy fresh lemon with diet coke.

But Diet Sprite is a small miracle. I don't think it was created to taste like something else. It just has its own quiet taste, that enhances the flavors you add to it.
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