Friday, November 03, 2006

Got any counterfeit tens?

The new US $10 bill has such an unsettled, jazzy appearance, that I doubt I'll ever notice if I'm given a counterfeit one. It has just gotten too complicated, for me anyway, to regard with care. (Ironically, Wikipedia says that the $10 was redeisgned in 1891 to make too complex to counterfeit.) Apparently it's possible to obtain "pens" that are scanners, capable of deciding whether a bill is counterfeit, and many cashiers now have them. Best to leave these issues to the silicon smarts.

Tomato final totals: Cherry 489 (delicious!), plum 79, big girl 40.
And there've been dozens more green tomatoes (mostly small), which taste fine when stir-fried with other foods.

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