Friday, November 10, 2006

Interoffice Envelope Return Address:

If you've worked in offices in the last century, you're familiar with the interoffice envelope, a strong, flat container for 8.5x11 paper that's designed to deliver mail many times over. The outside of these envelopes usually has many lined areas in which to write the addressee's name and mail stop. Here's an example of a Government interoffice envelope. Now typically, when you want to use one of these, you grab a used one from a pile somewhere, cross out the last person's name, write in your addressee's, drop it in an "out box", and away it goes. This is getting really boring, isn't it?

Now, wake up and think about this question: How do you put a return address on one of these envelopes? This is not a dumb question. You might really want to get the thing back if your addressee has just been fired. Or you might feel that you'll get better priority when the addressee sees who it's from. Now here's how I do it, and I must say, it strikes me as bizarre:

  1. Make sure all previous addressee names on the envelope are crossed out.

  2. Address the envelope to yourself.

  3. Cross out your name and mailstop.

  4. Address the envelope to the addressee of your choice.

The person who receives the envelope may see your crossed-out name next to theirs, and suspect the thing came from you.

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