Sunday, November 12, 2006

Procrastinating from the heart:

I often futz around and pull it all together - whatever IT is - at the last moment. But only recently did I realize how natural procrastination is to me. I shall explain:

My radio program begins at 6 a.m., and at that time I must have the station antenna turned on, the day-starting announcment queued to play, and some music queued up that has not played on our station for six weeks. I used to arrive about 5:50 to 5:55, giving me just time to check out my ideas of what to play first and get everything queued up. But recently I realized that I can search from home to see whether a particular piece has been played recently. (You can too! Go to, click "search", select "fuzzy" search and check for a favortie piece or composer.) Anyway, I now decide the night before exactly what I will play first, running the search to make sure it wasn't played recently. And wouldn't you know it? I now arrive at the station about 5:58 instead of 5:50 or 5:55.

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