Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Heinz Pickles Repackaged:

My favorite Heinz sweet pickles have been re-labeled. The old label was green. The new label is mostly red. The jar is exactly the same size. The calories per serving is still 30. The fluid ounce total is unchanged. "New packaging, same great taste" says the new label (or something like that). The pickles taste the same. The price is the same. I'm always suspicious when a product is repackaged. It's a price rise somehow. What's going on?

I took a close look at the old and new bottles together, and I've got it. The old bottle says that a serving size is two pickles, and there are 12 serving s per jar. The new label says a serving size (the same 30 calories) is one to one and a half pickles, and there are TEN servings in a bottle, not TWELVE.

I looked more closely at the pickles. Sure enough, the new pickles are larger. I'm sure Heinz squeezed as many of the larger pickles into the bottle as they could, but they don't pack as tight as the smaller pickles, so there are fewer calories per bottle, and more useless liquid to fill that bottle.

Still, there is that great taste ...

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