Wednesday, January 24, 2007

You're it! No, You!

I've blogged twice about how challenging it can be to send an email to several people. One piece of advice I got was that there should be ONE person in the TO list, everbody else gets a CC. (The challenge here is that the "TO" person is the one who has to do something, you have to know who that is.)

Recently I had to face up to this advice. I needed to know how to do a few things at work, and I did not know who could help me, so I sent an email to four people. Not surprisingly, none of them answered. I suspect they are all busy, and each hoped that one of the other three on the TO list would respond. So today I tried again, but this time I carefully composed my email and then sent it separately to each one. All four people will think I'm depending solely on them, and maybe I'll get four answers.

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