Monday, January 29, 2007

Too Many Decisions!!!!

I've recently found many people commenting on a fascinating aspect of human nature: the more choices you have, the harder it is to choose, and the more likely you are to be dissatisfied with your choice. That brings me to a wonderful invention, Accentra's PaperPro Stapler. (I'm not giving you a URL yet, you'll see why in a moment.) (in praise of good design) thinks it's wonderful. Wired Magazine thinks it's wonderful.
This invention uses your routine hand pressure on the stapler to cock a powerful spring that effortlessly drives the staple through the stack of paper. No more frustrating misfired staples to pull out! This is an exciting new invention for the stapler business.

I told myself "I've got to have one!" Even though I don't need it right now, I just want to own it. So I went to the PaperPro website. And here's what I found: They have THREE PaperPro stapler products: "Compact", to staple 2-16 sheets with 5.2lb of pressure. "Desktop", to slug 2-20 sheets with 7.2lb. And "High Capacity", to whomp 2-60 sheets with 12lb of pressure.

Uh Oh. I can't own one until I know what I want it for. I'd hate to buy the most expensive one and never need it. I'd hate to buy the cheap one and then need to staple 60 sheets. I guess ... sigh ... I'm not going to put this one on my wishlist yet.

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