Monday, April 30, 2007

17th Century, Meet 21st Century:

I've been making some hospital visits lately, and using a somewhat bulky portable PC on the hospital's Guest network. Hospital rooms are crowded, and there's that all-too-frequent moment when I have to unwind myself out of a chair, but only after figuring out what to do temporarily with the laptop that's in my way.

Today I did much better. You know those tray tables they have in every hospital, adjustable in height? Well the victim patient isn't always using the tray table. I raised it to its highest height, about four feet, lined it up against the wall, and stood before it, happily mousing and typing. I found it easy to just stop and move away as needed, and it was just as easy to step up to the high table and resume computering. Many physical therapists will tell you that standing decently is better for you than sitting, anyway. And in the distant past, white collar workers used to do just as I did, standing at a high desk to do their accounts. I felt much in touch with the past, and quite comfortable.

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