Thursday, April 19, 2007

Replace All!

I never click the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button at Google, because I'll only get one result, and it might be the wrong one. I think it's laziness to try to save time by using the Lucky button.

Similarly, I try, oh I try, to resist pressing the "Replace All" button that every text processor offers. I know I'm better off eyeballing each replacement individually, one item is going to surprise me and I won't want to replace it. I was thinking about this just recently when changing all the words in a document from "spicy" to another adjective ending in y. All I had to do was highlight spic, type my replacement, and hit the "replace all" button, to do 37 replacements at once. What could go wrong?

Did you know that you can find the letters 'spic' in the word suspicion? And in lots of other words, too. Despicable.

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