Thursday, April 12, 2007

A few stray words:

I want to use the web today to memorialize a word and a phrase. The word is something my father used instead of "wobbly": Vocklely. We sometimes had vocklely chairs, for instance. I suspect that right here, before your eyes, I'm spelling this word for the very first time. ("Vocklely" is probably a Germanic loan-word. It's pronounced "vockle - lee".)

The phrase is "landing zone," and it has a special meaning in our household. When I make a cup of coffee for my wife, I offer to serve it to her -- that is, I offer to place it on the kitchen table so she can drink it -- provided there's someplace nearby to set the cup down. Our kitchen table is a pretty busy place, so I often find myself saying, "Please make a landing zone for your coffee."

UPDATE: This entry has been corrected.

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