Friday, May 07, 2010

Europe Bans Qlothes:

The financial turmoil sweeping Europe may actually be a plot to take your attention away from more embarrassing matters. I have just learned that, at the urging of France, the Euro states have banned an entire class of garments. You can read about it here. Henceforth, no one who resides in a Euro state, or who visits for more than ten metrical (don’t ask) days, will be permitted to wear a garment whose Latinate spelling contains a ‘q’ that is not followed by a ‘u’. A spokesperson (please remember Shoshana kindly) is insisting that there’s nothing religious going on; it’s not discrimination. The goal is to keep European languages free from perverse letter sequences. Among the garments to be banned are the Niqab, burqa, biqini, monoqini and lederqhosen. I understand that some South-Germans are quite upset.

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