Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Tattoo Question (1):

At the fitness center, I sometimes see people with tattoos. I suspect there are interesting stories there, but until recently I never had an ice breaker to elicit them. Then I thought of a great question. I’ve tried it three times, and here’s the first fine response:

Q: How long since you got your last tattoo?

A: I was thirty-five. That was thirty-eight years ago. I was foolish, I hurt my wife a lot. I’ll tell you how it happened. My brother came by. He said, “I’m going to get a tattoo and I’m a little nervous, will you come with me?” I said sure.
We drank two beers and we went to the place. I started thinking that the tattoos looked pretty good. I got the same one as my brother. {It’s a floral, cylindrical design, about 5”, on the upper arm.} I got the words “I love my wife” on my tattoo. When we came home, we showed off our tattoos. My brother – his wife’s name was Maria – had the words “I love Maria” on his tattoo. My wife got really unhappy. My tattoo should have used her name.

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