Thursday, May 06, 2010

Only One Sandal!

When I go swimming, I wear cheap, plastic sandals to keep my feet off the locker room floor, and off of the flooring around the pool. I swim at a clean place, but I want to avoid the slightest possibility of picking up a fungus, or warts. So I was terribly upset when I undressed today and took things out of my bag, to discover exactly ONE sandal. “I’ve only got one sandal,” I wailed. A guy nearby said, “You’d be better off wearing none, then.”

But I don’t know. Wearing one sandal at least protects one foot. And the flooring near the pool is quite painful to a naked foot; it seems to have been designed to force people to don footgear. So I lumped about in one sandal. It felt funny. It must have looked funny. But I’m sure the funniest part was leaving it at the edge of the pool when I went in, next to two PAIRS of sandals. (Hey, where’s the one-footed swimmer?)

On my way home, leaving the locker room, I looked back, and – oh my gosh! – I had almost left that one remaining sandal in my locker. I took it with me. A good thing, too, as the other sandal was waiting for me in the trunk of my car.

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