Sunday, May 16, 2010

The meritorious “dead end” in Flag Football:

I can think of few worse ways to evaluate a school sport, than to credit it for producing professional players. An immeasurably tiny percent of college sports athletes go on to professional ball. An even tinier micropercent of highschoolers make it. And yet, in Florida, women’s flag football is being faulted because there is no professional sport for it. The remarkable claim has been made that the girls who play flag football in school do not have the same opportunity as boys, because the girls’ sport cannot lead to a stupendous professional contract. There is no professional flag football, so the sport is “unequal.”

Well of course, it’s unequal. Unlike boy’s sports, its ranks are not peopled by students who are neglecting all their studies in the forlorn hope of getting that professional contract. That’s is great, isn’t it?

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