Monday, January 25, 2010

The Abdulmutallab Dots that 'Should Have Been' Connected:

I'm linking to a Bruce Schneier column, because it deserves all the exposure it can get. We've all heard about how it should have been easy to “connect the dots” about the crotch bomber. I've been skeptical of this, because I wondered whether each of the dots that jumps out so nicely in hindsight was obscured by a million other dots. Schneier does a good job of debunking the so-called 'ease' of dot-drawing. His full column is here. Some of his points:
  • Walk-in warnings by family relations are highly unreliable.
  • The bomber had been banned from Britain for claiming coursework he didn't do, not for being a terrorist.
  • British Intelligence had NOT notified the US about him.
  • He paid cash for his ticket, but so does everybody else, where he came from.
  • He checked no luggage. Neither does Bruce Schneier. Neither do most people who fly from third world countries.
  • He bought a round trip ticket, not a one-way.
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