Friday, January 08, 2010


I couldn't find a product in the "pharmacy" aisle at my supermarket so I asked the manager of this aisle to help me find it. He soon gave up and said, "They've discontinued it."

The first time a supermarket employee said that to me, it really hit home. If you care about something enough to ask for help in finding it -- and let's face it, us guys do need that kind of help -- then you really need it. You don't want another "oh damn, no more Coca Cola" moment.

But I'm on to them now. I responded, "That's what you guys always say. You always claim the product is discontinued."
"I'm only reading the tags," he said. There's no shelf space for it."

And then he said, "Oh no, here's the tag. I guess we're out." I did my best not to smirk.
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