Monday, January 04, 2010

Malted Coffee; Instant Molasses Coffee:

I have two remarkable coffee discoveries for you today.

First, Malted Coffee. This is one delicious drink! Mix a heaping teaspoon (or maybe two) of your favorite malted milk powder into a cup of hot coffee. The coffee and malt flavors really favor each other. Excellent. (Of course, you have to like the taste of malt.)

Second, I suggest that you try sweetening instant coffee with molasses. Of course, you have to like the taste of molasses. I suspect that this trick works best with Starbucks Via Coffee. Via has been hailed as a breakthrough among instants. It really is a breathrough, no doubt about it! Imagine paying as much as a dollar per cup that you brew in your own home! Good as Via is, you can still taste that undertaste characteristic of intant cofee. But not if you sweeten it with a little molasses! Somehow, the molasses and the instant tastes cancel each other out.

I tried adding molasses to a more pedestrian brand of instant. The results were not as good, but again, the molasses neutralized some of the "instant" taste. Not too bad.
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