Monday, July 19, 2010

Parking Illegally:

I'm trying to work up the nerve to park illegally in a parking garage. Now that I've imagined how to do it, I'm really curious what would happen. Let me explain.

We have a disability permit that we hang, when appropriate, in our car. In New Jersey, this permit takes into account all of the inconveniences that normal parking spaces visit upon the disabled, by allowing us to park illegally. I believe we can even ignore parking meters (but I have been careful never to do this).

Now, what does it mean to park illegally in a parking garage? I would never park there in a non-space. Travel lanes in a parking garage are dangerously narrow and full of blind turns. It would be foolish and dangerous to "make up" a parking space in a garage.

So here's my idea: I enter the garage, taking the automatic parking ticket as usual. When I leave the garage, I will drive up to the attendant with the disability permit clearly displayed. I will hand him the automatic ticket, and I will explain that I am not going to pay anything, because I was parked illegally.

I have a funny feeling that it's just not going to fly.
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