Friday, July 09, 2010

Your Friendly Local CVS:

I did not drop a prescription off at the CVS last night, because it was too hot for a long walk, and there were no nearby parking spaces. But this morning, the lot next to CVS was empty. I dropped a nickel in the meter, sure that three minutes would be enough to get in and get out.

There was a line at the drop-off counter. The elderly lady in front had a lot of questions. Finally she left, and the remaining woman asked, “Can I get it right now?”

“I’ll see,” the pharmacist said, and my heart sank. Parking tickets are not cheap here.

Presently the woman handed over her insurance card. After a while, the pharmacist said, “This card is no longer valid.”

“How about this one,” the woman said, handing over another insurance card.

At this point I felt desperate. I waved my prescription and said, “If I go back to my car and put more money in the meter and come back, will I have to stand in line?”
“Give me your prescription,” the pharmacist said. Oh, how nice.

I did not get a ticket.

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