Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let me help you...

I have been cogitating over an impromptu one-liner that I heard weeks ago. It was wickedly funny, and Myq Kaplan, the fine, cerebral comedian who uttered it, had about one-half second to think it up. To set the table for this joke, I must first mention two other people. The first is Scott Sigler, a writer who began by self-publishing and podcasting, and then did tireless, imaginative publicity to get himself a successful career. He has a publisher now, and he is a New York times best selling author. One of the many things Sigler did, for friendship and/or publicity, was to visit the “Keith and the Girl” podcast. Keith Malley (the ‘Keith’ of that podcast) is currently selling a book he has written, an autobiography called: The Great American Novel. He was discussing his book on a podcast with Myq Kaplan. I’m quoting from memory, but I’m going to be pretty accurate.

Keith Malley: My pal Scott gave me a lot of help with my autobiography.

Myq Kaplan: Oh, did he live part of your life for you?

That is one funny line. I think it is also a wonderfully nasty line, but Keith did not take offense.

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