Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In Search of Podcasts: Steve Dupont, Obtuse Angle

Today I'm recommending another Podcaster named Steve Dupont. I'd rather call him a performance artist than a comedian. His material is very strange and original, invoking splendidly realistic if somewhat paranoid realities. His unusual delivery enables him to play many original tricks on his listeners, and to change subjects, dropping pregnant suggestions on the way to nowhere as he builds atmosphere. His website is http://stevedupont.com/, and I recommend podcast episode 49 (in which you, an agent of the government, break into Steve's house) as a good introduction. Dupont once said, "I like to think there are two kinds of people. Not two categories, but two subcategories of each category; to keep things simple." (If you think I must have wrenched that quote out of context, you're wrong. It had no context.)

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