Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Simplified Fantasy Role-Playing Game:

Current Fantasy games place a strong emphasis on developing your character’s abilities. Unfortunately there are many distractions (fighting, puzzle-solving, socializing, mapping) but eventually, if lucky, you have the satisfaction of developing a complex, high-level character that can defeat the arch enemy and win the game.

I propose a new game that will eliminate the distractions. First, you create your character, a satisfyingly long-winded process involving many degrees of diverse abilities. Then the computer game tells you that you have been adventuring, you’ve gotten some random bonuses and penalties, and you have gained the right to “level up” and choose more abilities. You make your choices, and this process repeats. When you think you are ready, you tell the game you want to fight the archenemy. The game does quite a complex calculation, and tells you whether you’ve won or lost. Then you create another character … (I hope the game won’t be too addictive).

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