Monday, March 27, 2006

The Sequel to King Kong:

It's a pity that the story about a sequel to King Kong has been debunked as an April Fool joke. If you're going to have sequels to King Kong - aside from the challenge of bringing him back - you've got to come up with clever names for the sequels.
The false news report suggested "Son of Kong". Not bad, I think, but if I were making just one sequel, I'd call it Kong King. To fleece movie viewers with a whole series, I have a few suggestions:
Prince Kong, Emperor Kong, Dictator Kong, President Kong. Maybe even Senator Kong.
Or there's: King Kung, King Kang, King Keng ...
Or perhaps: Fellowship of the Kong, Return of the Kong (It's the same director; I'm sure he can get the rights to these titles), and a prequel about the young ape called The Kobbit.

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