Friday, August 31, 2007

I averted transmogrification:

This week I was in the field again, adding features at the last minute to the software for a plane. One of the things I got working at the last minute was quite abstruse, but very important to our customer. I didn't know this, but it was so important that he had his own people come up with a backup plan, in case I failed. The back up plan was a lot more abstruse, so he really hoped I would succeed.

One of the customer's managers had to track the progress of all the many tasks coming together this month. He complained that he needed a name for the more abstruse back up plan. My main customer contact said, “Call it 'transmogrify'.” And so they did. I saw task lists reporting progress, but I had no idea what 'transmogrify' referred to.

When I got my own abstruse software working, they breathed a sigh of relief and killed the 'transmogrify ' task. That's when I found out about it. Yes! I had averted transmogrification.

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