Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Precision Cruise control:

February first, 2005, I blogged about driving 110 miles with Cruise Control, only because my back hurt too much for me to press the brake pedal. On that trip I developed an unfortunate taste for Precision Cruise Control driving.

I believe the goals of Cruise Control are to relax the driver, make driving easier, and make it easy NOT to speed. On modern cars, I suspect that Cruise Control is also the most efficient way to burn gas. The key to meeting all these goals is that you sit back and let the car do its stuff, always ready to scream awake and hit the brake pedal.

However, my tendency is to adjust my speed constantly, up and down just a few mph to adjust to each hill and passing opportunity. I feel like a virtuoso on a musical instrument, but I don't believe for a moment that what I'm doing is relaxing. Please excuse me while I gradually pass that truck …

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